Chesapeake Think Tank (CTT) was founded to provide solutions to small business owners. CTT was designed with the idea that one size does NOT fit all. Having experienced the frustrations and challenges of the small business owner himself, Patrick Lee, Founder, decided to create a business advisory company that really listened, understood, and catered to the unique challenges facing the small business owner. Having experienced the extreme highs and extreme lows that come with owning the full responsibility of the success or failure of a venture, Patrick set about gathering tools that he knew would be powerful catalysts in moving business owners forward. Patrick takes the time to listen and assess each individual business for the unique organization that it is, and then helps the owner design a strategy that truly moves the business to successfully realize the opportunities that present themselves. CTT has access to many experts within a variety of service areas, from marketing to finance to any skill set needed to tackle the challenges facing your business. We look forward to having the meaningful conversation(s) that help you pinpoint exactly what is needed to realize your aspirations and successfully accomplish your goals.