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Can you relate to any of the following?
● No clear path to your vision
● Things don’t work the way you want them to
● Lack of understanding of way points
● Difficulty truly understanding and measuring what is going on
● Constantly vacillating around your objectives
Can you relate to any of the following?
● A state of confusion
● Unable to execute your ideas
● Challenging/difficult to make decisions to implement change despite being aware of the problems
● Struggle with lack of organization
● Lack of Delegation
● Issues with Implementation
● Understands problems, but doesn’t know how to solve
Can you relate to any of the following?
● Difficulty taking steps towards real change
● Overwhelmed
● Issues with planning and strategy
● You recognize your business’s problems, but you need a plan to be able to fix them 
● Difficulty getting from point A to point J
Can you relate to any of the following?
● After making changes in your business, you struggle with understand what is working and what needs to be improved upon
● Difficulty evaluating the work you have put into changing/growing your business
● Unsure how to find appropriate and valuable feedback 
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Chesapeake Think Tank works with clients coming from a variety of industries – from Sole Proprietors generating around $500k in revenue up to companies with over 100 employees generating $80+ million in revenue. We specialize in meeting every client where they’re at and guiding them along the path to achieving their vision. 

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