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About Chesapeake Think Tank

Chesapeake Think Tank (CTT) was founded to provide solutions to small business owners and was designed with the idea that one size does NOT fit all.

Patrick Lee, Founder, created a business advisory company that listens, understands, and caters to the unique challenges facing the small business owner. Patrick and the CTT staff take the time to listen and assess each individual business for the unique organization that it is, to help the owner design a strategy that truly moves the business towards success. CTT has access to many experts within a variety of service areas, from marketing and finance to any skill set needed.

Chesapeake Think Tank looks forward to having meaningful conversations that help the business owner pinpoint exactly what is needed to realize their aspirations and accomplish their vision.

Our Philosophy

Chesapeake Think Tank works with clients coming from a variety of industries – from Sole Proprietors generating around $500k in revenue up to companies with over 100 employees generating $80+ million in revenue. We specialize in meeting every client where they are and guiding them along the path to achieving their vision.

Each member of the CTT team has a unique skill set and when a project calls for a specialist, we reach out to our extensive network of professionals to fill that role. Our network is built on established relationships with trusted and highly qualified experts capable of accomplishing any given task.

CTT was founded on a belief in the significance of the Main Street economy. Our team understands the unique position of the small business owner and the customized tools needed to promote success.

We stand firm in our conviction that Main Street is rightfully the heart of the American economic system. While corporate America garners a lot of attention, 99% of all businesses are in fact, small businesses. A large part of the economy is driven by small business, but these businesses have never been great at banding together to build on their shared experience.

Our Process

A client’s CTT team is typically composed of a senior advisor, project client manager and topic experts. Each team is tailored to fit a client’s specific desires and requirements based on their business’s needs and the size of the project. 

The typical engagement starts with an initial client meeting with Patrick, where information is gathered, objectives are identified, and a roadmap is created to best support client success. Patrick takes the time to listen, ask questions, and identify each client’s specific needs through set goals and objectives.

Clients then work with an assigned client manager and engage in regular communication with other necessary members of the CTT team throughout the project. 

Following the completion of a project, CTT evaluates the previously established objectives and measures the impact that the project has had on overall business goals.

CTT prefers to initiate and complete projects in segments that have measurable mile-markers and outcomes, instead of an all-consuming, ongoing project that is difficult to track and measure. This allows for the client to see progress and determine resource ability to move to additional initiatives.

Meet the Team

Patrick Lee

Partner & President

Theresa Connelly

Partner & General Manager

Jen Miller

Senior Project Coordinator

Kayla Lintz

Executive Assistant

Zari Davis

Project Coordinator

Catherine Morris

Project Coordinator

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