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Patrick Lee, author of The Great Small Business Plateau and How to Blast Past It! is a serial entrepreneur and Main Street business guru who believes in the power of Main Street as a leading force in the American economy. He is the President of the Chesapeake Think Tank where he works with small business owners to achieve their loftiest dreams.

Patrick has over 20 years of experience owning and operating small businesses. He has been involved in every aspect from the start-up phase to successfully selling a business and everything in between.

He’s a University of Notre Dame of Maryland graduate with a Masters of Arts in Management with concentrations in Corporate Management and Business Communications.

His entrepreneurial inspirations come when he’s hiking the mountains in Western Maryland and West Virginia.

Patrick Lee wrote this book to help business owners facing The Great Small Business Plateau℠ understand the symptoms and reasons for this condition and to begin an exploration of ways to prepare and get past the plateau with the best possible outcome. If building or running a lifestyle business, Lee offers ways to get a business to the point of ideal equilibrium – that place where the long-term revenue needed is firmly in place and reasonably secure and profits are maximized, efficiency laudable. If building or running a high growth company, Patrick offers ways to identify where the plateau lies for the business, and to apply the necessary strategies to move forward and grow each business into even more profitability than originally imagined.

By following the principles outlined in this book, businesses have a much better chance of building the kind of business each owner is striving for, in almost any economic situation. I urge business owners to use this information as a guidepost, to help them recognize the decisions that are needed to make in order to achieve their stated goals.

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