Expert Insights on Interview Mastery: A Conversation with Zari Davis

Today, we have the privilege of gaining valuable insights into the world of interviews from Zari Davis, a professional known for her adept interviewing skills. Whether you’re a seasoned interviewee or a novice navigating the process, Zari shares her experience to help you master the art of interviews.

Cultivating a Comfortable Atmosphere:
Zari, could you shed light on your approach to conducting interviews, particularly in creating a conducive environment for candidates?

Zari: Absolutely. Establishing a comfortable atmosphere is paramount. Commencing with a brief exchange on relatable topics, such as current weather conditions, sets a tone of camaraderie. It is crucial to alleviate stress, fostering a genuine and open dialogue with candidates.

The Importance of Preparation:
How do you approach interview preparation, ensuring a seamless and insightful process?

Zari: Preparation is key. I curate a set of questions, blending standard queries with those tailored to the specific candidate and role. Delving into the candidate’s background beforehand enables me to facilitate a more meaningful and informed discussion during the interview.

Unforgettable Interview Moments:
Any noteworthy interview experiences you could share, ones that left a lasting impression?

Zari: Indeed, I recall a virtual interview where a candidate gave me an impromptu tour of his workplace, a smoothie joint, mid-shift. Though unconventional, it highlighted his spontaneity and creativity. While he didn’t secure the position, it underscored the unpredictable and enriching nature of the interview process.

Guidance for Candidates:
For individuals preparing for an interview, what advice would you offer to ensure a successful engagement?

Zari: Firstly, thorough research on the company is essential. Craft insightful questions that demonstrate genuine interest in the role and organization. Moreover, maintaining composure and authenticity during the interview is crucial. Nervousness is natural, but it should not overshadow the candidate’s true self.

Preferred Interview Questions:
Are there specific questions that you find particularly effective in eliciting valuable information from candidates?

Zari: Two questions I find impactful are, “What are you seeking in your next position?” – providing insights into the candidate’s aspirations. Additionally, “Tell me something not on your resume” often garners authentic responses, offering a deeper understanding beyond the professional façade.

Tips for New Interviewers:
To those embarking on their journey as interviewers, what guidance would you provide for a smooth initiation?

Zari: Begin with thorough preparation and practice. Anticipate a learning curve during initial interviews, and embrace each experience as a valuable lesson. With time, one can refine their approach, fostering confidence and proficiency in conducting successful interviews.

Interviews: The Dating Game?
You once mentioned interviews are like dating. Care to elaborate on that?
Zari: (Laughs) Absolutely! It’s like speed dating before a potential long-term relationship. Both parties are jittery, but it’s the interviewer’s job to exude confidence. Create an atmosphere where genuine conversations can unfold. You might just find your perfect match – professionally speaking, of course!

Mastering the art of interviewing is an ongoing process that involves preparation, authenticity, and adaptability. Whether you’re a candidate or an interviewer, embracing the experience and continuously refining your approach will lead to more successful and insightful interactions. Happy interviewing!


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