How to Achieve your New Year’s Resolutions

As arbitrary as it is, starting a new year is a fresh start and a good psychological tool for motivating yourself to set new goals, both personally and professionally. It not only serves to measure how you’d like to grow, but to measure your current progress. The feeling that January 1st brings can improve optimism […]

Vision, Alignment, Execution

It is often difficult for business owners to effectively track how their employees’ skills match up with their company’s needs. This is generally due to lacking an overarching understanding of the business or organization’s model and state of developmental maturity. When provided with this overarching model, the owner can quickly determine both what skills are […]

The Elevator Pitch

The concept of the elevator pitch is everywhere. Business gurus seem unanimous in calling for businesspeople to have a pithy introduction at the ready for any occasion. Why the intense scrutiny on how we introduce ourselves?   The idea is pretty simple. We’ve all been at a networking event where the participants are asked to […]