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Business Advisory Boards (BABs) (Part 3 of 3)

Chesapeake Think Tank has a unique approach to its Private Advisory Boards (BABs).  We have discovered that group size is one of the secret ingredients to success. The more people in a room, the more ideas start bouncing and the gears start churning –exponentially. Having sixteen people in a room who are engaged AND when the process is well facilitated, we are really lending to some exciting, out-of-the-box ideas and a ton of synergy. However, in groups this size that meet once a month, an individual business owner in the group with a specific issue may not have much of an opportunity to share. If only a couple of members get their issue processed at each meeting, that means each member may only have one chance in the year for “the spotlight”. So we’ve combined various concepts and developed Tiger Teams, which put together smaller groups from the larger BAB group. 


Here’s what the Tiger Teams accomplish:

– We strategically match four or five members together in a Tiger Team based on the issues that they’re facing and/or the type of businesses they own. 
– These Tiger Teams meet once a quarter and each member is guaranteed time for issue processing.
– They are also members of the larger Cohorts in which we combine a few Tiger Teams. 


The Cohorts are not only doing issue processing, but they also look at leadership training and pertinent strategic conversations around business in general. We’ve grouped business owners in several different ways to help maximize what each of these owners is getting individually so there is an opportunity for true, positive impact on their business.


We have business owners that have been BAB members with us for years. They have found that the longer they’ve been members and the more they collaborate with and learn from others, the more effective the results are. There is a level of trust that grows with time and many of our members have worked together for so long that they’ve become trusted confidants. Everything shared in our groups is completely confidential and members are prepared for “tough love” from each other. They are also incredibly supportive and welcome business owners with open arms knowing that fresh insight and ideas are likely to come along with them.


Interested in our Business Advisory Boards (BABs)? We strongly believe that as many times as you read this blog or research Business Advisory Boards online, the only true way of assessing if it aligns with your needs is to experience a meeting. You may love it and want to dive in or you may find it’s not a good fit for you, but you won’t know unless you see it live, in action. That’s why we offer what we call a “Backstage Pass.”  This is a complimentary ticket and opportunity for curious business owners to come together and experience the POWER OF THE BUSINESS ADVISORY BOARDS. 


For more information, contact us and we’d be happy to set you up! 

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