What People Are Saying

“It impressed me that Patrick was able to bridge a lot of different types of businesses with approaches that would be beneficial across the board and bring people into a situation where they can collaborate and learn from one another.”

Laura Richards – California Tortilla

“If someone is looking to go to the next level and achieve their potential or see something from a different perspective, they can really rely on Patrick to provide that for them so that they can get to that next level.”

Suzette Langley, Consultant, Booze Allen Hamilton

“Not many people in this world really listen.  Patrick does, and this produces real conversations.  I know Patrick will always ask the provocative question at the heart of any discussion.  The fact that he can do this, yet still keep a meeting moving along is a rare skill.  He is a wonderful facilitator, an insightful and analytical confidante, and a nice guy!”

Kathryn Collings Laing, JD CFA, Principal, U.S. Boston Capital

“Patrick is an energetic, insightful and savvy business leader capable of bringing the best out of everyone he works with.  He has the unique perspective of having run successful startups and established organizations and brings the knowledge and wisdom from his many experiences.  He is truly an asset to any organization he touches!”

Jeehye Yun, CEO/President, SSG, LLC.

“Patrick quickly and deftly introduced me to the use of the DiSC assessment so that I could service my own emerging client needs appropriately. He is as knowledgeable and professional as he is affable. I highly recommend him as a distributor of this highly valuable communication assessment for workplaces.”

Gayle Scroggs, Ph.D., P.C.C.

“Before working with Patrick we had plateaued on making progress to overcome our business obstacles. The lack of knowledge was holding us back. Now I feel reenergized, I feel that I have new ideas and am making the necessary progress to be successful.”

Mark Greenspan, Partner, Research Director Inc.

“Patrick is a great business coach from start-up to mid-size that is teaching me how to grow my business. I came in after having started my business for seven months with some structure and experience, but I needed a solid plan so that I could actually turn my business into a profitable and long-term company and career. Since working together, I feel so much more focused and guided. Patrick has assisted me with so many things, but a few that really impacted my success so far includes:

-Strategized how to develop necessary skills to be a successful entrepreneur
-Looked into niches and specific industries that I can tap into
-Directed me to networking events that are more worthwhile
-Focused my broad range of services on my interests and expertise
-Helped me create competitive packages and pricing
-Assisted me to develop a budget for business and personal expenses
-Gave me wonderful project and time management suggestions

I look forward to continuing to work with Patrick for his expertise and connections and highly recommend colleagues to work with Patrick as well.”

Jenna Soneira, President, Ruff Draft Solutions

“Patrick recently facilitated a retreat for our Chamber Board and he did an excellent job. I would definitely recommend him based on his expertise.”

Linda S. Zahn, CEO, Greater Severna Park and Arnold Chamber of Commerce

“Patrick facilitated the annual Board of Directors’ retreat at Maryland Hall last weekend, and he did a marvelous job. We had some fairly specific goals for the day, and Patrick made sure we accomplished each and every one. His background in the arts gave him a solid foundation for the day, and he really brought the group to a new level. His energy, expertise and warm personality encouraged everyone to participate. We all left the day with a new sense of pulse and commitment to Maryland Hall, thanks to Patrick.”

Sean Looney, Vice President, State Government Affairs at Comcast

“Patrick recently facilitated a board retreat and he exceeded our expectations. He was professional, articulate and able to achieve the goals set for the retreat and most importantly, able to achieve 100% participation from those present!”

Linnell Bowen, Executive Director at MD Hall for the Creative Arts

“I have taken various personality and skills assessments throughout my life. Despite what the assessments or instructors may have intended; the assessments served little more than entertainment value for much of the audience or me. Afterwards, we just sat around and joked about each other’s idiosyncrasies. My experience with Patrick was monumentally different in three ways. First, I had the time and I took the time to thoroughly fill out the pre-work. I completed the pre-work over a series of days rather than all at once. Second, Patrick coached me to focus on specific pre-work responses and SkillScan results that were most relevant to me. Without his guidance, I would have wasted time and energy trying to analyze everything.  Lastly, Patrick’s follow-up included additional information, an offer of future assistance. He even introduced me to one of his professional contacts that was willing to answer questions regarding a career field that appeared to suit me well. All the other personality and skills assessments that I took simply left me with responses and results to laugh about with friends and coworkers.”

Brian Sweet