Company Retreats

Whether you’re running a company of 5 or 500, changing pace with a retreat will re-energize your team, encourage cross-departmental collaboration and strengthen internal bonds.

However, you first have to know why you are having a company retreat. What are your objectives? What positive difference do you want to create in your business? What do you want to focus your time and energy on?

The purpose of business retreats typically falls into one of these five categories:

  1. Strategic Planning – Mapping out your company’s vision and mission and planning out strategies to attract and deliver service(s) to the right clients.
  2. Launching a Project – Perhaps you feel it is time for you to create a new revenue stream, build systems or partner with others on something new. Map it out at your retreat!
  3. Team Building – Creating synergy with those you are working with. You see your co-workers every day, but spending relaxed time away with them, talking, eating, and sharing, creates a team that acts like family. This team tends to have better communication, enhanced trust and appreciation for one another, and increased productivity.
  4. Boost Creativity – Day-to-day tasks rob entrepreneurs of valuable quiet time that allows us to think and create. A retreat sparks the creativity and gives you time to be inventive.
  5. Create and Implement Change – If your business is stagnant, it is time to rejuvenate. If you work with a team, a retreat will get everyone working cohesively.

If you are considering a company retreat, contact us at or (443) 249-3339 to discuss your company needs and goals.